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A global supplier of HIGH QUALITY car parts
introduced as a genuine ALTERNATIVE

When it comes to car parts, vehicle owners now demand a CHOICE. Don't get
left behind, see how Nordic can complete your offering...


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The automotive parts market has changed...

Today, car repairers both franchised and independent are experiencing a change in customer's attitude. For a typical repair/maintenance operation vehicle owners now demand a CHOICE when it comes to their vehicle parts. As well as the OE brand, customers now expect a high quality PARTS ALTERNATIVE. They want the same quality but don’t want to pay a premium for the name. They shop around, they know what they want and increasingly know where to look.

With these changes in customers attitudes together with new sales platforms opening up a huge market for alternative car parts it has become evident to motor factors, online retailers and repairers alike, IF YOU DO NOT OFFER A HIGH QUALITY PARTS ALTERNATIVE TO THE MAJOR BRANDS YOU’RE IN DANGER OF BEING LEFT BEHIND !

What do Nordic do ?

With over 20 years sourcing and building partnership programs with carefully selected, quality assured component manufacturers around the world, Nordic have developed a comprehensive range of high quality product programs for all car makes, designed as an alternative to the major brands.

  • Perpetual economic prosperity through innovative thinking...

    With a heritage spanning 20 years we have grown into one of Europe's most forward thinking automotive parts companies.

  • Purchasing is an art form...

    We've successfully taken procurement and supply chain management to a whole new level.

  • Principles...

    We've applied OE manufacturer principles to an aftermarket range.

How do Nordic do it ?

Nordic product ranges have been created by uniting extensive product and market expertise with quality assured manufacturing partners. Each and every manufacturer has been carefully selected and must be quality certified to a minimum standard of ISO/TS 16949. This assures product quality and safeguards the brand.

How do Nordic keep prices low ?

Long term relationships with manufacturing partners built over 20 years together with the assurance of committed volume purchasing allows Nordic to leverage extraordinary buying power which in turn is passed on to you, the customer.


Offering an unrivalled product warranty in today's aftermarket.

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